What Items Should Be in an Emergency Survival Bag (A Bug Out Bag)?

Experts this question on a popular survival forum and not surprising I acquired a lot of different answers in regards to what should be in an emergency go tote. I agreed with a lot of it plus some less so but I believe it’s the good most basic with this post.¬†survival forum

Here are some of the most popular survival items that made a lot of the lists:

Torch – Some opted for Battery Powered, others decided for the wind up flashlights or rechargeable
Endurance Food – All but onprepper forume person had some sort of food whether that be survival food bars or dehydrated food. Kudos to the one individual that put twinkies!
Multi-Tool – This made several survival lists also as they are versatile and can be used in a variety of your survival situations and yet be small , compact.
550 Paracord – Also included on many pepper checklists. It can cheap and has a lot of uses.
Mylar Blanket – It was a popular item but others put ponchos, rain gear or jackets. All of these might serve the same goal
Water Purification Tablets, Straws or Filters – Every survival list included one of those type survival items and/or datrex water packets.
First-aid System – A must have for almost any survival go rucksack
Robust Tarp or other Ground Cover – Shower room curtain was mentioned by one, pretty ground breaking and takes little space
Community Maps and a Decent Survival Compass – It can always good to find out where you are and where you are choosing any survival situation
Canteen or Pot – This could allow you to boil normal water or cook items, everyone mentioned a metal pot
Hand Crank Radio – Popular but only on the few lists
Fire newbies and Tinder – This kind of included matches, fire strikers and road flares (which will pretty much start anything on fire quickly)
Overall almost all of these items can be found for an economical price but very good items to build up your own personal survival kit. As with all items make sure they include items that you need such as personal hygiene, medications and so forth I individually feel that these are great choices but I’d include things like toilet conventional paper, fire starters and items like that.

I think any emergency bug away kit should include items which you need to survive for a minimum amount of your couple of days and nights. Items like water purification straws, items that can be used to help build shelters, hand turn items are good, wax lights as they make light, heat and is used to help start fire. A whistle or other signaling devices.

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